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Originally Posted by artificial View Post
I would prefer that margins are left the way they are. I'm a graphic designer, and the idea of text going right to the edge of the screen makes me shudder. The same goes for fully justified text on such as small screen.
i'm with you on full justification being shudder-inducing on a small screen (and especially on one with less resolution than a dead tree book).

but i find that the margin i am used to is provided by the beige kobo's bezel, since its color is so close to the e-ink colour. and i find myself reformatting books in calibre all the time now, to minimize the margins on the actual screen. this is probably quite different for the black kobo.

i am not sure how much configurability we can expect from a bare bones reader, but it sure doesn't hurt to consider it while brainstorming -- when in doubt, make it configurable.
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