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First Impressions

Ok I got my Kobo today (the black version). It was a birthday present from my daughter ordered from Chapters online on June 30 and arrived today July 8 (my birthday...perfect timing). Packaging was very nice and well presented. I opened it up and charged the battery using my phone's wall wart for about an hour until the blue light glowed. I then plugged it into my computer and loaded the desktop application, although I didn't end up using it. Using Calibre I then converted a few ebooks (to epub)that I had previously downloaded and sent them to my Kobo. The books had been in various formats including .lib, .pdf, and a .rtf file. They all converted and loaded smoothly. Each of the books (I havent tried the converted .rtf book yet) opened with no trouble.

The screen is clear and bright and is amazing outside under natural light, with virtually no reflection. Page turns are quicker than I had expected. Overall the reading experience is very pleasant. My family are all quite impressed with the Kobo. They thought I was nuts wanting an ebook reader, but I think they have changed their minds.

My only complaint so far is the boot up and load times. I know that Kobo has resolved to work on shortening boot up time so I trust it will be addressed fairly quickly.

It's early, but so far it's a keeper. Keep in mind that I have never had another ebook reader and so have no basis for comparison. Still....I like what I see so far.
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