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Originally Posted by artificial View Post
For real? I haven't done the firmware upgrade yet (I'm still waiting fo the Australian/Borders firmware update). But I currently power down/up my Kobo every day, and I have never lost my place in a book. Yes, I have to re-open the book, but I don't lose my bookmark.
it doesn't lose my invisible bookmark, ie. it remembers on what page in the book i was when the kobo shut itself off. but it reboots back to the "i'm reading" page, which means i have to click up to documents, click across to the letter with which the title starts, click 1,2,3,N times to get to the page with the book, click down to the book, click on the book to re-open it.

rise, lather, repeat that every time i leave my reader for more than 30 minutes. which happens all the time, since i am reading interspersed with various other activities. it is beyond annoying; it actually makes me use the kobo less already; i find myself returning to using my OLPC XO for non-fiction reading because it is always on. a minute to finding one's place might not seem much to a casual reader who's settling in while booting up, but to somebody who interrupts and picks up reading frequently, it adds up quickly. IMO an ereader cannot afford to be less competent at this than a traditional book.

and i seem to not have not gained total battery life; the battery is now 3/4 empty, and i've had a mere 800 page turns. that's gonna come in a whole lot short of 8000. so the shutdown feature is saving battery power (i had to previously recharge every 2 days, and i am going longer now), but the overall power available from the battery falls way short of the advertised number.

considering how many people i see complain about their batteries, and seeing how the shutdown was crafted to specifically preserve battery power, it seems like kobo got a bum deal from their battery supplier -- or there is a serious flaw in the design.
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