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Old 01-19-2013, 02:34 PM   #2341
Junior Member
judeberman began at the beginning.
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by Jude Berman

The rags-to-riches love story of 18th century artist Angelica Kauffman. Discovered as a child prodigy, she vows to become a history painter, a field off-limits to women, and to remain single. In London, when she encounters a dark and mysterious count, and later in Rome when she befriends Goethe, her vows are repeatedly challenged.

$6.99 at Amazon
FREE on Jan 20 & 21
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Old 01-20-2013, 07:17 PM   #2342
Martyn Taylor
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Martyn Taylor began at the beginning.
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Plugging on

"I Couldn't put it down;" are the words a writer wants to hear, and I heard them this week about Control Escape.

Iceline and Control Escape are available at Smashwords and elsewhere. Check them out; a good read for the price of a good cup of coffee.

Iceline - Two weeks holiday in Scotland stretched into weeks as a missing person. He turned up battered, bruised and bloody, dumped on a mountain. He'd crossed a line without knowing his enemies. He was sure of his friends and wanted answers. The Iceline had been broken and the secret was out. This time Steel was ready for trouble.
Iceline is at

Control: Escape -Steve Arkwright jumped a firewall and his life fell apart. The men in suits gave him an offer he couldn't refuse. After years of jumping hoops and someone looking over his shoulder he wants to change things around. The gilded cage is tarnished and he sees the prison. He wants out and finds allies at The Grange, Steel and Langhers are drawn in to his plans and have their own agenda.
Control Escape is at

I have a third book, a work in progress, as a free download
What You Ask For is at

A bit of tomfoolery on a hot summer afternoon, an uploaded video and an opportunity to apply pressure. Jessica was Michael Spear's weak spot and pressure was applied. Ransom demanded and Steel was asked to make the delivery. Delivery wasn't on his mind, he was going in to collect and someone would pay.

What You Ask For started off as the Nanowrimo entry last November, and is still going. feel free to help yourself to this one, I would welcome any feedback you might have on any of them.

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Old 01-20-2013, 09:18 PM   #2343
CGore began at the beginning.
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Far from a Fairytale

Free from 1/20-1/23
Check it out if you need a light/fun read in the chick-lit genre!

Once upon a time Holly falls in love with Derrick who falls in love with her best friend Cameron. With Derrick’s and Cameron’s wedding on the horizon, she does her best to catch the groom’s interest. But there’s one complication: the best man who won’t leave her side-for better or for worse.

If Julia Roberts can’t get the guy in My Best Friend’s Wedding, what chance does Holly have?

She may have a chance if the wedding’s called off.

And if she finds herself on a plane with the groom to Germany…

But what’s a girl to do with Cameron and Jack? And not to mention her boyfriend Steve… Yikes.
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Old 01-21-2013, 06:09 PM   #2344
Cliff Ball
Cliff Ball ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.Cliff Ball ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.Cliff Ball ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.Cliff Ball ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.Cliff Ball ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.Cliff Ball ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.Cliff Ball ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.Cliff Ball ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.Cliff Ball ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.Cliff Ball ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.Cliff Ball ought to be getting tired of karma fortunes by now.
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Enjoy political thrillers? Get The Usurper on your Kindle, Nook, Apple, Google, or Kobo device.

Gary hates the US & does whatever it takes to bring the US down from within.

[Shortened URL - MODERATOR]





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Old 01-21-2013, 11:48 PM   #2345
robin.114 began at the beginning.
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Siege of Terra

Hello everyone!

My name is Robin MacMillan, and I'm a newly published Author that just put up the book "Siege of Terra" on Amazon. Now i know there is a lot of traffic here on this site so that's why I'm posting here. A lot of people ask me, how hard was it to write? I say its easy, its promoting your work that's the hard part.

Here is the blurb for the book.

In the early twenty-first century Earth is finally overcome by famine and pollution. Humanity is forced to unite and work together to save themselves. It took nearly two centuries before they succeeded in their mission: Space. They left Earth behind hoping to begin again on another world: Terra. Terra was a solution to a problem. Humans thought they were alone...The fate of the human race rests heavily on the shoulders of Colonel Mavrik Woods. Mavrik thought he knew who he could trust...

So please, check out my book, i would love to get some reviews going on.

Robin MacMillan.
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Old 01-22-2013, 01:24 AM   #2346
Micheal Rivers
Junior Member
Micheal Rivers began at the beginning.
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A Supernatural Thriller

Reduced to $0.99 for ONE day Jan. 22nd.

Amazon Link

Description: The world of Adrian Bolt shattered as his wife lay butchered on the floor of Castle Verliege. His conviction by a German court was as swift as the sword that killed her. He maintained his silence knowing his story would not be believed. Though his reputation was impeccable there was nobody willing to stand for him.

Another world lay in wait for anyone living within the walls of the castle; waiting, watching for eternity to keep the Mueller name upon its registers. There is only one world here for those who choose to stay. To enter its an invitation into the unknown!
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Old 01-23-2013, 09:36 AM   #2347
ghost reader
geoffnelder began at the beginning.
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British Geoff Nelder won an American award in the world of science fiction. His book, ARIA, has won the coveted Readers’ Poll run annually by the Preditors & Editors organisation. The first volume of the trilogy, ARIA: Left Luggage, published by LL-Publications, came first out of 85 novels in the category of science fiction and fantasy. ARIA has caught the imagination of readers worldwide as it is the only book to have used the idea of amnesia being infectious. In the story, no-one is immune from the infectious amnesia and people lose memory backwards at an alarming rate forgetting where they live, their jobs and eventually how to write, read and speak. A few isolate themselves in a North Wales valley hoping to survive and fight back at the perpetrators of the virus
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Old 01-25-2013, 04:46 AM   #2348
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jonaswrites began at the beginning.
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New short story: A Killer Date


I have published a new short story. It's called A Killer Date and is about a romantic encounter gone bad. It's a mix between horror and thriller and is available for free on both Smashwords and Scribd. All I ask in return is some feedback or a share

Thanks! /Jonas
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elfmanguy began at the beginning.
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Hello all! I've published my first short story. Please give it a read if you like. It's cheap at 99¢. There are short descriptions of deaths, but they are few and I believe someone the ages of 12 and above can handle the somewhat morbid subject matter. If you or you or your kid loves Tim Burton or Neil Gaiman, this may be right up your alley.

The Death of Death

Death guides usually have rather normal names like John, Mary, Harry, and Jessica. And even ones not quite so normal, like Bartholomew or Ambrosia. They also have the most interesting tales behind their deaths. But one particular death guide has a few problems: she cannot remember her name or the details of her demise, and thus has no story of her own. One fateful night, she meets a young girl that may change her death forever.

Inspired by and in the style of Children's tales of old, The Death of Death is a tragic, yet sweet little tale about loss and acceptance.

Suitable for ages 12 and up.

Here are a couple of reviews:

"How can death be so touching? Read this story to find out. The author uses a poetic prose as he pulls you into not only the story, but also the characters. Written against the backdrop of death this story (ironically) is full of magic. Opposites of life and death come together, giving context to the full spectrum of the human condition. This story touched me in many ways, and I am so glad that I stumbled upon it."

"I found this story to be a refreshing change in its uniqueness. Very well thought-out.

In fact, the story has an essence of Tim Burton-esque, in the terms of creating beauty from tragedy, that sets the tone from the onset and is one of my favorite aspects. The whimsy and tragedy combined were carefully written with a beautiful plot that succeeds in building a sort of suspense throughout the story. The characters were well written, thoughtful and eccentric, in a successful attempt to draw me into the characters emotion!

This is one of the writer's first efforts and, all in all, is an admirable effort and was well worth the read. I would highly recommend this being adapted into a short film and would be the first in line to view it!"

"Very touching story about a topic that most of us don't like to think about. The imagery was beautiful. It was if I was "reading" a movie, if that makes sense. This story is highly recommended!"
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Old 01-26-2013, 07:59 AM   #2350
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nicsnews began at the beginning.
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Acupuncture For Fertility - Amazon Bestseller

Hi everyone,

I have a free promo running over 2 days this weekend the 26th & 27th January.

This Amazon Bestseller is the 2nd book in my "What Is Acupuncture & How Can It Help Me" series. It's called "Acupuncture For Fertility: From Conception To Delivery & Everything In Between"

The book explains how acupuncture can help increase fertility naturally, and assist with all the discomforts and issues throughout pregnancy, such as morning sickness, back pain etc. It also covers labor, breastfeeding, the 'baby blues' and more.

I'd appreciate any downloads, likes, and reviews if you enjoy the book.

Here's the links...



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Old 01-29-2013, 01:46 AM   #2351
Rita Lee Chapman
Rita Lee Chapman began at the beginning.
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Missing in Egypt 50% off coupon

My ebook Missing in Egypt, a romantic travel mystery, is available on Smashwords for $1.50 instead of $2.99 until 14 February (Valentine's Day!). Just go to and enter coupon No JG75N.

Set in Sydney, Cairo and Luxor “Missing in Egypt©” tells the story of Anna Davies employed as a Personal Assistant by an Australian Federal MP in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s. Anna is approached by a constituent of Egyptian descent to assist him in finding his brother, Ramy, who is missing in Egypt.

Follow Anna as she travels to Egypt with Kareem to help him in his search. The storyline includes vivid descriptions of several Egyptian antiquities such as Abu Simbel, the Temple of Karnak, The Valley of the Kings and the Pyramids.

It is also available as an ebook ($2.99) and paperbook($9.99) on Amazon
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Old 01-30-2013, 06:32 AM   #2352
EndeavourPress began at the beginning.
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Device: Kindle
Talking Some great books for FREE to download this weekend!

Today we have a great selection of some of our latest and best books for free!
Enjoy your free reads and don't forget to let us know what you think!

Market Forces, by @MattLynnWriter. Superior financial thriller.

Darkness Visible: Hitchcock’s Greatest Film.

The Case of the Missing Heiress, by G.W.Colkitto. Victorian Crime Series.

Spain: A Literary Companion, @Jimmy_Burns. Elegant & informative.

Parenting Without Tears: Guide to Loving Discipline, by Anne Coates. Guide for parents.

All of these great books can be downloaded for FREE via Amazon this weekend. Take advantage of these deals before they expire!
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Old 01-31-2013, 03:19 PM   #2353
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ShannonLeeBelle began at the beginning.
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Talon's Reach is a FREE ebook today on Amazon/Kindle and Kindle Apps.

Here's the link:

Last edited by dreams; 05-10-2013 at 02:33 AM. Reason: clean link - moderator
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friendly began at the beginning.
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Taten ohne Täter

Hallo Leser aller Länder,

das Leben war ein Irrtum, wenn ihr diese beiden E-Books nicht gelesen habt. Ich weiß, wovon ich spreche.

Taten ohne Täter (E-Book Thriller)

ePUB-Format hier:
auch im iTunes Store und im Google Play Store

E-Book Krimi Amazon
Curry, Senf und Ketchup
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Old 02-01-2013, 11:38 AM   #2355
HarrietSchultz began at the beginning.
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Last week LEGACY OF THE HIGHLANDS, a romantic suspense novel, received its 50th review (there are now 52, with five stars from 35 readers) on Amazon and climbed the UK bestseller charts into the top 100 in two (paid) categories! Happy writer = me! And best of all, it's just $1.99.

Young, good-looking, successful and wealthy. Will and Alexandra Cameron had it all until he went out to buy ice cream after an evening of passionate sex and never returned. When his body is discovered in a nearby Boston alley, the only clue to his murder is the Scottish sgian dubh dagger left beside it. Will's grieving widow finds refuge in the Miami villa of his best friend Diego Navarro, who has the means, power and temperament to solve the puzzle and to avenge his friend's murder. The sinfully handsome and charming womanizer's feelings for Alexandra run deep, and he becomes equally determined to win the devastated widow's heart. The attraction between them grows as they follow leads from Miami to Buenos Aires and Scotland, unraveling the Cameron family's centuries-old secrets.
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2.99, a dead man's debt, aaron & keja, amazon, anthology, bloated goat, captain nothing, cj west, crime fiction, crowdfunding, ebook, ebooks, fantasy, finding books, free ebook, free ebook downloads, funny, giveaway, god, grace elliot, health, heir to the everlasting, hop, independent, indie, indie bestsellers, just doll, kdp, kickstarter, middle grade, nook, ratticus, sci-fi novel, science fiction, scifi, selfhelp, short story, soul, spirituality, staten bay trilogy, suspense, sweepstakes, uke, ukulele, website, witch book, writing, zombified buffalo

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