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Reader for medical texts in PDF


I've been checking the forums for a little while, looking to see if anyone else was using their Sony Reader for PDF (in my case medical textbooks specifically), and appear to have found 2 different camps:

1. Don't do it.
2. Use rasterfarian/pdfsomething to format it, and it's ok

Since I'm going to be reading a more limited amount of content, I don't mind formatting everything I'm going to read in order to make it usable. I'll need to be able to see some figures, though, which may on occasion overlap the formatted pages. I also read some journal articles that are in unrestricted PDF form, though those are more frequent.

I'd really like NOT to get the iLiad, as it's pretty pricey, and hope I can get away with using the Reader. Has anyone else been using programs to modify their PDFs and having good enough results that they could consistently read articles/textbooks on their Sony Reader? I'm more interested in positive/pseudo-positive replies (at least I HOPE there are some)... Thanks.
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