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My ebooks are moslty in two languages (English + my native language), maybe a few in German and French. I don't mind reanding in English when I can't find in my native language, although, depending on the topic and corresponding vocabulary I might prefer my native language. (I can read science and sci-fi in English with no problems but an historical novel might have a higher precentage of terms I'm not familiar with).

What really bothers me is that I can't find a way to easily sort and organize my collection by language.

I am yet to decide between these folder structures:
ebooks/[language]/nn.Topic/Author Name/title.ext
(or /Title/title.ext when having several format)

ebooks/nn.Topic/Author Name/[language]/Title ... etc
or even
ebooks/nn.Topic/Author Name/Title/[lang]-title.ext

Don't ask me why organizing them in folders! I like browsing my folders like taking a walk through a library.

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