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Hi there and question about multiple language ebooks

Hi there,

First post here, but I've visited mobilread before - it's a great forum.
I have a huge collection of e-books in several languages, two of which I fluently read. My problem is that my collection comes form various sources and it's a total mess. 40GB of total-messiness.
I've deleted "real" duplicates using clonespy, but still, my books are in various languages, on various topics and some of them are incorrectly named.
My dream is to have a software (like MediaMonkey for mp3s) that:
1. identifies the language of the book
2. identifies the author and titles
3. stores the e-books in a database with sorting (filtering / tree-like branching) by topic (something like Universal Decimal System), language or other criteria.
4. preferably, the program should also rename and move the files in the filesystem accordingly to their classification by topic.

Can somebody point to an application that could do all these? It doesn't need to be freeware.
I've tried until now Calibri, but it seems:
- it doesn't detect the language of the book
- it doesn't automatically fill a tag or classifies books by language
- it forces me to organize the books by author

One more question - it's a matter of taste but I would like to know what you think: Let's say there is a writere who wrote both fiction and science (or why not, history / literary criticism or other non-fiction works). How would you like to find the books on the shelves of a library? If the books are grouped by topic, obviously this author's books will not stay together. If the books are grouped by authoer, you will have -for that and any author - a mix of fiction and non fiction. If you are looking for a specific book by that author, that wouldn't be a problem. But if you want to brouse the books like taking a walk in a library, wouldn't be better to see them by topic?
I prefer sorting by boocs in folders by topic. I wish calibri would allow this.
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