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Why I am keeping PRS 900 over others

I've had PRS 900 for over a week now and went though a dilemma if I should keep it or not. The main reason why I wanted to return PRS 900 is the screen glare under certain conditions.

I've been testing it out and reading what other people had to say for a week. Today I went to Barnes & Noble and played with Nook.

Yes, Nook has a sharper and a better screen with little glare. However, it felt slower than PRS 900 Extra Large font size on Nook was comparable to medium font size on Sony PRS 900.

However, I have asked myself one key question - why do I need an eReader? My answer is to read mostly non-fiction and to learn from it by taking notes. Thus highlighting and taking notes is one of the most important feature doe me. PRS 900 does this very well while Nook takes quiet a bit of time to highlight something. The joystick navigation is ok, but will take too much time for my need.

Next, I picked up Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 Clip-On Light from Barnes & Noble for $16. Now I can read just fine in low light conditions like at night at home. Highly recommended.

During the day, there is enough sun light to read and enjoy paper like look on PRS 900. Also, the glare effect is actually a positive thing because it will make me be in the sun more and outdoor which is something that I forget to do nowadays (a lot of people do not get enough day light nowadays).

Overall, I'll stay with PRS 900 and enjoy my exploration of various literature.

P.S. One thing that I've noticed about many people is that those who have been exposed to iphone or an ipod and see an eReader for the first time, naturally try to perform a swipe gesture only to be surprised that it is not how eInk works.
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