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Landscape mode

Hi everyone. I just bought myself a Sony Reader and it's driving me crazy!
After playing with it for a while, I discovered that I like the most reading in landscape format and text (not image) lrf files.

However, for some reason, Reader assumes that all the books are in portrait format and so when I do a long press on the "size" button to move to the landscape format, it cuts each page in two, "shading" the text close to the point of the cut.

Book Designer allows to create text lrf's in lanscape format, but they are to be read when the device itself is in portrait format and then the direction of the book is exactly the opposite (180 degrees) to the device's native landscape orientation, making it not comfortable to read.

I've played with all the attributes I could find of BookSetting, PageStyle and BlockStyle in the lrs (converting it to an lrf and testing the results), but without any success.

Please help!

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