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Originally Posted by josepinto View Post

I have a couple of suggestions /wild ideas:
- Background textures (as in Ybook
- user styles (created using css). user styles could be published in epubreaderīs homepage.
- Autoscroll (underline one word at a time at a user defined cadence of words per minute)
- Change background / text colour /font without afecting Firefoz general definitions;
- view text in 2 pages side by side
- combine epub files?
- rigth click menu to select word or text and search on google / wikipedia / dictionary / thesaurus, or to translate using google translate
- Annotations
- option to import (from Amazon or Librarything) and edit metadata
- statistics (reading time, number of books read, etc.)
- option to save library outside Firefox profile
- search for books in Feedbooks / Mobileread / Project Gutenberg / Google Books / Inkmesh.
I'm not a huge fan of the hole library stuff provided with this plugin. Therefore I will only second functions providing a better reading experience.
- combine epub files (script ???)
- Annotations
- bookmarking were you have left reading
- option to save files outside Firefox profile
- change background / text colour /font without affecting Firefox general settings

Please don't try to make a all in one solution (editor / library/ viewer). Just stick with the viewer.
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