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Link for K2 International

Originally Posted by jyavenard View Post
Make sure you use the right package for the right kindle.

Kindle 2 US, Kindle 2 DX and Kindle 2 International all use a different bin file, and you can't not load one into another.

If you copy the binary for say the Kindle 2 on the DX; then the update option will stay grey.

That your menu item is still greyed out means that you didn't copy the right .bin file.

Kindle 2:
Kindle DX:
Kindle 2 International:

Note the the Kindle 2 International and Kindle DX are very similar internally so the instructions for the DX are the same as for the Kindle 2 International

To install on the Kindle 2i ; you have to "jailbreak" it first by installing this package first ( instructions are there:

Hope this helps...
My problem too! I clicked on the link for the K2 International version but I got a 404 not found message. Is there a new link? Thanks SO much!!
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