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Originally Posted by rogue_ronin View Post
The point is to make it accessible to non-programmers. Folks editing and formatting their favorite books are not likely to be conversant with the ins and outs of proper programming. But if you can come at it from a simpler format, you'll get a lot more people contributing useful macros. And you can always add complexity.

Originally Posted by rogue_ronin View Post
A macro in a text (or HTML, or writer's) editor is a list of instructions, manipulating (in this case) text and variables -- do this, then this, add it to the other thing, and put it over here. I feel that it should be as straightforward and simple as possible, while still retaining capacity to do anything at all that the host editor can do. Add hooks to other scripting languages if you want, but keep the native language simple.
What kind of scripting engine do we need? A general purpose one? Or something dedicated? A general purpose one is relatively easy to add to Sigil, but has a steep learning curve. A dedicated one, directed at epub-writers (or "composers") should be easy to use, but takes a lot of effort to build into Sigil.

Allthough... I guess that most actions you want to automate have something to do with search&replace. Next to that, you would like some knowledge of where you are in a document. The typical topography of a book-like document is something like "book - chapter - paragraph - sentence - word - character".

Being able to search&replace text on a specific character or specific word in a specific sentence from a specific paragraph in a specific chapter could be really awesome. And relatively easy to build into Sigil... What's more, it is something a book writer/maker would know how to use...
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