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Originally Posted by owl123 View Post
I haven't had any such issues since 1.5 firmware.

The trick with previous version was to "remove sd card safely" before shutting down the device.
Thanks for the idea. I'll try it if I have the problem again. So far I have had the reader a week and I am quite satisfied with the performance of the device if you work around the bugs. These are the ones I've found:

1. Paging through many images in a folder and closing down each document as you move to another folder seems to cause a memory leak which eventually leads to the UDS process crashing. (Thanks for Grim, I have the workaround to not explicitly close the documents.) That is an easy one...

2. In landscape mode when viewing a pdf, when the device goes to sleep(pause on a page for like 20 secs.), the left and right side of the screen can mismatch when you turn a page by using the capacitive buttons. You can work around by turning power saving off or flipping the page again quickly.

3. The capacitive buttons can lock up (the LED button will stay lit). When this has happenned, you can turn the page by stylus or reset the device. I tried turning all the sensors on and off but reset was the only thing that worked for me. Doesn't happen often enough to be concerned.

4. The battery drain problem when the unit is off which we just discussed.

These are the ones I found using the device for a week under firmware 1.6. The only one that could annoy a lot is the battery drain but I am hoping it is sporadic and I can use the "remove card safely" if it happens more often than I would like.

I had an order in for a Kindle DX but I cancelled it since right now I am satisfied with the DR.
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