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I'm Losing Weight and Getting Active Again

Hey Guys.

So about 3 weeks ago, I went to go fix my aunts computer at her office. I'm kind of their on-call computer tech. I get about 1-2 calls a month for an easy 120 bucks for about 1-4 hours work, More if I have to stick around longer, Most of the time I get paid 120, for about 1 hours work.

The accountant guy said "Hey partner (he calls every guy that, he's weird) I see youíre putting on a little weight." I just said I guess so, and then I fumed for about a half hour about how I should have told him off saying itís not polite to say that, blah. But anyway...

The Next day I broke out my Scale which I havenít used since my last diet, between September and December of 2007, where I went from 280 to 215. I was tired of my weight, and there was this girl l liked (I told her how I felt about her and kissed her for the first time on Christmas eve, after midnight though, so Christmas day) anyway, we have been together since that time, so we are coming up on 17 months in a few days.

So I was 215 when I stopped dieting because my girlfriend just kept feeding me, and we went out a lot, and I knew I slipped, but I didn't think I went too far over 230 in all this time. I stepped on the scale, and it was 249!!!!!!
The next day I was 245 and change so 3 lbs already in one day!

I was shocked to say the least, and I started my diet the next day. Today marked my 21st day on the diet, and I've lost a grand total of 13 Lbs making me at 232 and change.

If you want to know how to diet effectively, read the Hackers diet by some software engineer who wrote AutoCAD or something, anyway, he was a chub ball all his life, and he became a millionaire, and he wanted to lose some weight.

Anyway, after 3 weeks I've decided to get active again more, like I was in the 215 range, where I was actually able to run a whole block without stopping, or walk up 3 flights of steps without breathing heavy. And I HATE exercising. I do like going out, but I'm not able to get efficient exercise from that, so I need some other way to do that.

In comes DDR, or for your people over 30, Dance, Dance, Revolution. Itís that dancing game people play in the arcades (or at home with the proper mat) and my Dance mats came yesterday! My old dance pad caught on fire when it was under my bed, and I jumped into bed, and my metal bed frame cut open an extension cord (it was super heavy duty) threw some sparks, and made a small fire. This was almost a year ago.

I was looking at the CDC website earlier, and they Recommend 2 and a half hours a week of Moderate Aerobic exercise! I'm like wow, that's a lot, that's more than 20 minutes a day. But, for a game like DDR, that makes it fun! So I broke out my handy little Excel spreadsheet that I use to mark the calories I eat every day, and my daily weight, and I set it up so if I get less than 2.5 hours of exercise a week, some cells will glare at me in red, and if Iím good and get more, they are green and happy.

There is just one little thing I have to do, and that work in weight training at least twice a week per the CDCís recommendations, which means push up, and sit ups but 2 days a week isn't too bad.

There is one upside to all this Exercising though, and that is I made a promise to myself that any calories burned exercising is free calories and I donít have to count that on my calorie count, so 15 minutes of DDR is about 100 calories burned, so that means I can eat whatever I want and feel good about it cause I worked those calories off exercising, and I deserve a treat.

Also based on a 3 and a half pound a week loss, which is what I averaged my last diet (it has been a bit more at the start of this one but I expect it to go down in the coming weeks) I will be at 200 Lbs for my Trip to Las Vegas in August! Yay for me. Still chubby, but I will feel good about myself when Iím hanging about the pool at the Luxor Hotel.

In Closing. Iím declaring Ownership of this thread and will post updates about my weight loss to it, I did this on the forum I was admin at during my last diet, but due to a Bi-polar Co-admin and owner, this site shut down, and lost most of its members because he was always trying to make it ďbetterĒ so we lost a 1000 member website because he could never just leave the damn thing up, and he would shut it down for days or weeks to do crap to it. This pissed me off, and pissed my members off more. Itís nice to talk about my achievements online, and makes me feel good. So here I go.
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