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Originally Posted by rwillmer View Post
As an iPhone/iPodTouch user, do you prefer to see the same website as you would from a computer browser? Or do you prefer to see a different interface which looks more like an iPhone app?

If I did an iPhone-specific version of the site, then it would probably be a list-driven interface similar to the iPod app on the iPhone. Would that be better?

Also, what book formats and stores are particularly good for iPhone books? I'd heard mention that Random House were making books available via iTunes for example, but can't see any ebooks, just audiobooks.
Personally, I prefer an optimized view, but it does not have to be iPhone-specific. It is possible to make a mobile-friendly version of a website to cover iPhones, Android, Symbian, Blackberry, WinMo... you get the idea. On the other hand, many people are specifically excited about the new mobile browsers that offer a desktop-style view of the "real" page, so I may be in the minority on the topic.

As for iPhone-friendly stores and formats, if you are referring to direct download ebooks, there are several apps that support a broad range of formats, but for most iPhone users it seems to come down to three formats (ePUB, eReader and Kindle), and only a few stores, the obvious ones being Fictionwise/eReader, BooksOnBoard and Amazon. I have also purchased and downloaded from SmashWords, but if you are looking to compare prices on mainstream books, they are probably not an option.

Good luck!
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