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Originally Posted by nojean View Post
I have cleared the check marks and still it synch to both reader and SD. Somewhere on this forum I read that you can stop synch, is that the only way by unchecking the boxes.

eLibrary that came with the unit is not the best, can you suggest another program to handle my Library.

Thanks a lot.
I got a Sony PRS-505 for Xmas (Only just out here in ireland) and what i discovered about the sync is that it automatically syncs the computer library with the reader internal memory only.

When i copied a large collection of books that i had transferred with calibre onto the SD card in the reader into the library with the sync active it automatically strarted transferring the books to the reader main memory until it was full.

I just don't bother with the connect software anymore and use calibre for all my book work.


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