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Looking for SciFi short story, help please...

... I figured this is the best place to ask...

Years and years ago (maybe 15-20 years ago or so) I read a sci-fi short story, it was part of a collection, but I can't remember if it was an anthology or by whom it might have been written.

The "story" is one that I haven't forgotten, I've been looking for it for years, I'd really like to re-read the story (it's probably a really lousy one, but still). It's not in teh Arthur C.Clarke collection of short stories, so it's probably not his, but that's all I know...

So - I was hoping someone here has read it and remembers by whom it is... Although my recollections of it are very vague, so it might be impossible to find.

What I remember is: the story is set on planet Earth that has been pushed out of orbit for some reason, traveling further from the sun all the time (or maybe the sun was dying but that's illogical). The weather is very cold, and the surviving people lived indoors, had layers of blankets over doorways etc, because all the oxygen had frozen and was on the ground as snow, so they brought in bucketfuls of it to thaw to get oxygen... (hmm... better forget about the logical bit, huh). And that's about all that I remember...

Anyhow - this one would be fun to find, it was one of the first sci-fi stories I ever read.

Also recomendations for other good dystopia-type sci-fi stories would be appreciated, or alternate history.
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