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Shortcut to switch Author Name First, Last or Last, First help or suggestion

Files import differently depending on what you use. I've done all I can with the tweaking of importing names and such.
I'm surprised there isn't a simple "switch first, last" box in the edit window(s) whether for one file or multiple files.
There are already "Automatically set author sort" and "Swap title and author" fields. This would be a perfect and highly helpful addition

ex: imports as Doe, Jane
Want: Jane Doe

I cannot know the original file settings so I cannot know how it will import so I want to be able to tell it to simply switch the two words. I know it doesn't work with everything, but those are the minority which can be handled individually. Currently, I have to edit each entry individually when the authors are all different!

Any help or a way to offer this as a highly suggest update to Calibre?
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