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It looks like the plugin isn't working with the new db.
Here's the error I get:

calibre, version 0.9.44
ERROR: Unhandled exception: <b>AttributeError</b>:'LibraryDatabase' object has no attribute 'conn'

calibre 0.9.44 isfrozen: True is64bit: True
Darwin-12.4.0-x86_64-i386-64bit Darwin ('64bit', '')
('Darwin', '12.4.0', 'Darwin Kernel Version 12.4.0: Wed May 1 17:57:12 PDT 2013; root:xnu-2050.24.15~1/RELEASE_X86_64')
Python 2.7.4
OSX: ('10.8.4', ('', '', ''), 'x86_64')
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "calibre_plugins.goodreads_sync.action", line 299, in sync_shelves
File "calibre_plugins.goodreads_sync.dialogs", line 1476, in __init__
File "calibre_plugins.goodreads_sync.dialogs", line 1624, in flatten_book_shelf
AttributeError: 'LibraryDatabase' object has no attribute 'conn'

I'm running calibre 0.9.44 on OS X 10.8.4.
If I switch back to the old db, everything works fine.

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