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Originally Posted by mrmikel View Post
Have you been doing search and replace? This function can cause things to go sideways fast. It may be possible depending on your source that undisplayed characters might cause a problem.

Is the problem isolated to just this one file? Is there another you could try to see if this particular file is troubled? If it is a cheesed copy of a copyrighted book who knows what is in it.

You can probably get back something of a copy by running the .mobi through calibre. At least that way there should not be anything wrong with file except too much calibre stuff in is ugly, but functional.
Yes, I did a few global search and replace and I suspect that may have been at least part of the problem (two of the files were truncated right where there would have been a replace.)

There have been six files far. Previewer said there were unresolvable links to these latest three, and I'm just hoping the rest are intact. And, no, I'm not ripping off someone else's work.

I was mistaken about the mobi files. The files were already gone in the earliest mobi copy I made. There was an update to Previewer and maybe that's why it didn't complain before.
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