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Originally Posted by meeera View Post
I tried this under my halogens, with the light off, on, and cranked all the way up, at all angles, and couldn't get my Kobo to sparkle at all.

Just to double check (the photo is pretty unclear) - this isn't just the light bouncing off the textured screen surface, is it? Because that's visible at certain angles, though not any angle I'd read at. The screen on the Glo is a lot more textured than the Touch screen.

Hi all, just received an email someone replied here so let me try to explain (although Johnsnow did a great job). First of all, it is definitely not the textured screen surface, the bottom half of my Glo has a slight, and actually very pleasant looking texture that is much, much smoother and unobtrusive. The difference really is night and day. I doubt it is the result of a spray or film either, because it looks ehm.... "etched".

In my case, it appears while reading in proximity of a direct lightsource - lamps, sun, no difference. I can not see it when reading in a room with ambient and diffused light. That is why I put a light on top of my Glo, to simulate a direct and rather bright lightsource in close proximity.

But anyway. Kobo never did respond to my email and I could not be a**ed to call - send it back etc... (thank god, since they send refurbished ones with the same problem back so it seems) so I went to the dark side and bought a paperwhite, which is, bar the Typegenius thing (which really is super awesome and THE one feature I miss) in every other way pretty much superior, imho. But that's just personal preference, I guess. So yeah, bummer, Kobo.
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