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From other thread...

You can adjust how calibre reads metadata from filenames by using the config dialog (avanced section).
Yeah, just noticed that.

Very Sweet using regexp: (?P<title>.+) - (?P<author>[^_]+)

I tend to org things as Author - Title (makes sorting by names easier, sort by first letter of last name, like a real library...) so I can change that for importing...

but Can you add a similar config for Save to Disk?

If you added another option line to that config dialog for exports so we could do "<author> - <title> [<isbn>]"(or year, etc), that would be very cool.

Might also deal with the ; vs , issue on exporting, if we have
<last name>, <first name> as an option (or "first last" for those who want that), or even <sortauthor with ;> vs <sortauthor with ,> for those who want some normal commas.

Fields like isbn, publisher, series could be used, or tags. (Did I mention Year?)

And perhaps deal with _# issue that way as well, making it the default export, but optional.

So the default Save to Disk export would become:
"<author></><title></><title> - <sortauthor;>_<lib#>.<ext>"
(Flash Renamer uses a large list of these sort of tags, for one example, </> is borrowed from there, meaning directory/folder, as do many Mp3 taggers.)
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