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Originally Posted by xendula View Post
Good luck with whatever you decide to do. I can see the discoloration.

In my case, I originally ordered 2 and through repeat replacements was shipped 9 devices total, out of which I picked the better ones. The screens on the ones I picked are far from perfect, but I love my PW anyway, and it was absolutely worth requesting replacements, as the original ones sent were horrible (one of them did not even power on and was broken out of the box).
Yep, I read about your horrendous ordeal on that Amazon CS post; one of the reasons I don't want to start the replacement process. Although I won't be able to go through nine. The Amazon CS I chatted with said I can only ask for a replacement only once. He gave me a $30 credit though for my disappointment. Felt weird about it and didn't say yes but he added it before I can make a decision.

A friend of mine just arrived from the US and she got herself a new Paperwhite the same week I got one. And hers has discoloration worse than mine. The funny thing is she didn't seem to notice or mind. She was kinda bummed I asked her about it and pointed out the screen defects. But it passed and she said she's really fine with it. She absolutely adores her Kindle! It truly is about your disposition and expectations.
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