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Originally Posted by Ninjalawyer View Post
I'd probably read The Fall of Hyperion in case you haven't already. Hyperion and The Fall of Hyperion are effectively one book split into two. The sequels to Spin, being Axis and Vortex, are disappointing and fantastic respectively.

I would also recommend the books Altered Carbon by Richard Morgan, and maybe Dark Eden if you're interested in something different. Altered Carbon takes is a detective novel of sorts that involves a future Earth changed by the fact that most people have continuous backups of their personalities. Dark Eden involves the descendants of a crashed ship making their way on a planet that has no sunlight, only light from bio-luminescent plants and animals.

Peter F. Hamilton's space operas get steadily better, and his Commonwealth series of books do not involve the ghost of Al Capone.


I also recommend Chasm City. That book was enjoyable, although the series does not have a particularly satisfying (IMO) resolution.

I enjoyed the Commonwealth series, thats what made me go back and look at his earlier stuff. Flipping ghosts! All that build up and the unstoppable invaders are ghosts!
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