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Originally Posted by bounce View Post
I get the following error when importing like this:

Could not import notes, error: UNEXPECTED_CHAR (Errror in line 10271,token ''' <' -- "A"")

any idea what's causing that? Thanks
Unfortunately, I've not seen that before. Since the error is actually generated by Evernote, I also can't check their code to get a lead on the problem.

My best guess is that one of the clippings from your kindle includes a character that's messing up the formatting of the ENEX (basically XML) file. If you're using the most recent version (1.0 for Win or 0.7 for Mac), I replace most of the problem characters (including < and >) to prevent an issue like this. However, there may be others (the double brace ]] comes to mind) that I don't catch.

The fastest way to figure out is probably to partition test your My Clippings file... basically break the list in half, figure out which half causes the error... then break the problem half in half again (quarters of the original) and see which half has the problem. If you repeat this a couple times, you'll narrow the issue down to a handful of entries (or eventually one entry) and can look at their formatting and composition to see if they include anything suspicious (like the double braces).

If you don't mind sharing your clippings file with me, I'd be happy to do the testing, figue out which Clipping is generating the issue, and update my code to handle the situation better. Probably the best way to get me your info (email address) is to submit the contact form on the DaleyKlippings site:
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