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A big plus, and a minus...

Just upgraded to latest version of Sigil (0.6.902) and kudos for fixing clips. That is going to save me a ton of work.'ve done something to spellcheck that makes it less useful. I'm correcting a huge trial transcript produced with ocr. Whatever ocr system was used, it doesn't handle small caps well. It almost invariable mangles the attorneys' names, when they are in small caps, which is how the reporter shows who is speaking. It routinely mangles Mr. Pierrepont. Before I upgraded, the spellchecker would offer his name as a suggestion no matter how badly it was mangled. Now, it will not offer it as a suggestion if only one character is wrong. Same with Mr. Merrick, Mr. Bradley, etc. Does not the new spellchecker use the default dictionary (where all these names are) for replacement suggestions?

Luckily, you've fixed clips and I can put the names there.
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