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Originally Posted by kovidgoyal View Post
1. I dont see how that's possible. You're going to have to provide examples.
Looks like you're right but it's also a bit weird. During my tests I had several examples and corrected them: With the eBook-ISBN calibre retrieved the ASIN for the Kindle-Edition and did title case and after changing the ISBN to a Print Edition (Soft- or Hardcover) it didn't.

But I couldn't reproduce this behaviour today and now it seems to work...strange but fine If I find an example in the future I will post it here.

Originally Posted by kovidgoyal View Post
In the next calibre release I will change the code to not run title case if the result has a language set and the language is not english. THat should help, but it will only work if google returns langauge metadata with its results.
Looks like that way it will work :

For example the book title "United States of America:
Geschichte und Kultur- Von der ersten Kolonie bis zur Gegenwart" on delivers the following log entries with only Google set as metadata source (excerpt):

Using plugins: Google
The log from individual plugins is below
Title : United States of America: Geschichte Und Kultur- Von Der Ersten Kolonie Bis Zur Gegenwart (title case done)
Author(s) : Bernd Stöver
Publisher : Beck C. H.
Languages : deu
Published : 2012-08-15T23:39:22.245000+00:00
Identifiers : google:Uf6TtgAACAAJ, isbn:9783406639678

Let's hope Google will always return "Languages".

I'm happy to test it soon

Originally Posted by kovidgoyal View Post
3. That is deliberate. Lots of amazon titles have junk in parentheses, like [Mass market] or (Kindle edition) in their titles. So calibre will strip anything in parentheses.
I see your point and that's fine with me.
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