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Originally Posted by fraylocus View Post
I liked that model only 256 MB of ram.
I also think that having 256 MB RAM is the best thing in Tagus.
(And having bigger icons in its UI too!)

The firmware is pretty outdated, based on the 1.7 and very limited. It allows, for example, reading engine lesson and frontligth very poorly managed.
As in Spanish forums users are reporting old bugs perhaps 1.7 is not the last 1.7 release from July. Perhaps a June or older release.
Surprising as Tagus began to be sold in December.

I was surprised when I touched it in a CdL shop that the user can't choose reader engine. So Epub is hardcoded to Old Pdfreader (don't remember if fb2 is hardcoded to Fbreader).

A bad example of what a good advantage is hard, with a rather poor and poor firmware.
I agree

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