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How to Change Paragraph Indentation

I just downloaded an epub that may have been converted in Calibre. All the rules in the CSS are .calibre, .calibre1, .calibre2, etc. My problem is there is a blank line between paragraphs, and the first line of each paragraph, including in the Table of Contents, is indented. I'm new to editing ebooks. In fact I just started using Kompozer to remove page numbers and unwanted line breaks in some books converted from .pdf. I used to know HTML and CSS, so when I learned about the structure of EPUBs I thought I could do this, but I don't see any CSS that refers to <p> or text-indent. I've tried searching the forum, and Google in general, but I haven't hit on the right combination of keywords. Can someone point me toward a good beginner's page on using CSS for formatting EPUBs? Or maybe just tell me why the paragraphs in this book are indented when in some others (converted from .pdf, but on my computer) are not.
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