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Thank you very much. I have the latest update installed 2013.01.02 and using black M92 from ereader-store (Booxtore). For my work I am using scribble only and not shutting down the device, only suspending it. The battery lasts long and it won't drain 2 bars over night, especially because I am not using wi-fi or anything which may drain the battery. In average I turn a page every 5-10 minutes and still I lost all the scribbles that day. If I switch of the M92 without closing the document then no problem, all gets saved. Some problem is with suspend mode. Maybe the scribbles don't get properly saved on suspend, because when I lost my day work, I suspended a few times, without closing the document, and when I looked into the .onyx directory the scribble file was just a few KB instead of an MB or so, from my experience of the amount of scribbles I made. Could there be a 'save' option in the toolbar or menu? For now I always close and open the document at the end of the day.

Regarding the battery indicator I replaced the battery and see if it would show better. BTW I have black and white M92 both from Booxtore, and there is a different battery connector in each. With the black one I also ordered a spare battery, but it is meant for the white one only so I had to do a little bit of soldering Will let you know what happened in a few days.
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