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I seem to have been unmasked - yes I am from the UK. And Mills & Boon is the must-have company if you want wall-to-wall Romance (and more to spare).

Anyway, my point was not that it was impossible to transfer books to the PRS-T1 but that you could not do it directly using ADE, as Sony readily admit. You just need to be aware that claims by sites (at least on this side of the Atlantic) that you can use ADE to directly transfer the books are mistaken. I suspect that they assumed that as you could do it with previous Sony models you could still do it with the PRS-T1 and didn't bother checking.

And, yes, you can drag and drop or, as in my case, use Calibre, or you could even use the Sony software, but I wasn't impressed by that. However, compared to the ease and convenience of the Kindle it is all a bit messy. I'd say that someone who didn't have a moderate level of computer competence would rapidly be lost.

As for libraries, I did notice that the PRS-T1 has a section for directly downloading from libraries. I never tried this for the simple reason that the selection of ebooks in my local library is, to put it politely, appalling. If you're into vampires or crime, OK, otherwise forget it.

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