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Perhaps I should have been a little clearer. Yes, I realise the PRS-T1 will work with ADE - I set up an ADE account when I received the device. I use the same account on ADE on my PC, which probably makes life easier.

What you cannot do (well, at least 5 months ago when I last looked into it) is to link your PRS-T1 to the ADE account on your PC so that downloaded books can be transferred directly.

Here is what Sony themselves say, in a tip unambiguously headed Adobe Digital Editions does not work with the PRS-T1 Reader.

Adobe Digital Editions could be used as alternative to Sony's eBook library software for previous Reader models.
While Adobe DRM technology and the Adobe ID is still used within Reader for PC, the Adobe Digital Editions software cannot be used to transfer books to your PRS-T1. Please use Reader for PC instead.

Earlier last year there were a fair number of posts (on this forum and elsewhere) complaining about this problem. I did try the Sony Reader for PC but decided that I did not like it.

The reason I bought the PRS-T1 was because both my public library and Mills and Boon claimed that I could download books directly from them to the PRS-T1, the same way as I can directly download Amazon books to my Kindle. You can't. In the case of Mills and Boon I'm talking about purchasing series of books that have to be downloaded to ADE.

I've now got the problem sorted, if rather clumsily, but if I'd realised all this at the beginning I'd have gone for a different reader.

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