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AM I bricked? re: 2012 K4NT

So after trying and disliking several Paperwhites I decided to try a Kindle 4NT, the new black model. It is at 4.1.0 firmware.
I did the instructions per the wiki and successfully jailbroke it.
I performed per the directions per the wiki the KindleFontHack. I installed some fonts that I'd appropiately renamed. Then, I was trying to deduce what names go to which (as an aside, which of Mono or Serif goes to Condensed, for that matter?)

I wanted to try different fonts, having only replaced two of the fonts initally. So I plugged the Kindle back in per USB and replaced the fonts. Then, per the wiki, I copied and renamed the Autoreboot file to Reboot and ejected the Kindle. When I did that there were the words "updating framework" at the bottom of the Kindle screen. From there, I could access menu via the screen, but not the text of any book. I was able to restart but not perform any other actions. I then tried "Restore to Factory Defaults" and the screen completely froze. I powered down and now there's nothing on the screen at all. Is this "bricked?"

And if so, and I get this going again, how do I alleviate the initial problem? Why did it start going batty after installing fonts the second time around? Again, this started after ejecting the second time, coupled with the "updating framework" message...

I should add that the Wi-fi was on during these operations. Was or is this a no-no? Did it make any sort of difference?

If it IS bricked, is it true I have to charge the thing for 20 hours?

Agh. Just plugged it back into the PC via USB and nothing registered. Alas!

Thanks for any help!

p.s. I didn't do the SSH access either, for what it's worth... should I have?

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