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PDF page numbers

Hi guys, just joined the forum. I just bought a PRS-T2 to replace my Kindle. I'm loving the reflow which works really well even with OCRed pdfs. The only problem is that the page numbers displayed by the reader correspond to the actual number of pages in the document, rather than the allocated page numbers. So whereas numbers in the printed book start with roman numerals and then turn to standard numbering from the introduction onwards, the reader just displays e.g. page 6 of 150. This is not a big problem with pdfs that have a table of contents, but a nightmare for those without, where I rely on the page numbers listed on the actual contents page. Anyone know if this can be remedied?

Also, is it possible to have a progress bar for reading, or am I just trying to make my Sony Reader into the Kindle that it is not?

Finally, is it possible to have reflow justified rather than left-aligned?

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