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Maldives Malady- Light Holiday Short Story

Maldives Malady will make great, light holiday reading over the holiday period, here is a description and some extracts from Maldives Malady to give you a taste of what it is like:

Dominic is an average University student who feels his life is stuck in a rut. Although he has a job, good grades and friends, he feels like his life is passing him by without him really living, or doing anything outside the mundane and mainstream.

A trip to a seemingly unknown island in the Maldives is the perfect opportunity for him to have a unique and personal experience, so Dom sets off, alone. However he finds that it is not so easy to escape the grasp of mediocrity and uniformity that has enveloped his world, and he must reevaluate his feelings about life, self-worth, and what makes an individual.

This is a fictional short story with light drama and humour. It is set in a fictional version of the real world, in which a mysterious island called Goljaban exists among the Maldives islands.

'He plunged into the foliage, and was swept into a humid, wet world of towering trees, animal chirps and thick ferns. After a few steps, he turned, and could barely make out the village. He walked a few more steps. He could see nothing now except for the thick trees and long ferns and grasses that surrounded him. He was enveloped into the confined space between trees, surrounded by the jungle heat and staccato chirps. He turned in the direction of the village, but could only see thick, dense trees. Hoping his sense of direction had not been muddled, he turned back around to the direction of the alleged ocean, and kept walking.

Now the calls he heard sounded more and more strange. How far had he walked by now? The jungle, or rain forest, whatever it was, did not relent, and he kept on weaving into narrow gaps between the sturdy ferns and towering trees, pressing onwards. This continued for a seemingly oppressive amount of time, and he began to doubt his decision. To come to this place. To take a chance with his life, which was going in the right direction. Why couldn’t he be happy with the normal and mundane, he cursed, scolding his own stubbornness'.

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