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My 5 cents.

I fully agree with "Mono" what concerns these annoying problems with the stylus (it even seems to me that the stylus driver got worse in "1.8.20121113" with respect to "1.7 20120927").

What concerns problems with horizontal and vertical lines ... there seems to exist an alternate scribbling application by "peterx" which is free from it (though I don't really know how good or bad it is).

Well, the main point to write this post is the following ...
I believe that people who need to make a lot of handwritten notes should have a look at the "Apcom Digiscribble Mobile Digital Pen M210" device (same as "Pegasus Mobile NoteTaker / Digital Pen M210", two / three years ago it costed 45 - 50 GBP, today there exist several manufacturers who make similar "Digital Pen" / "Digital Note Taker" / "Digital Notepad" e-pens).

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