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Hi, thanks for the welcome. Still waiting on my replacement. Should come by end of day. Someone rumored that there'd been some positive changes in the "503" batch. My replacement that's coming, and the dimmer and greener models have all been of the "501." While the best thus far has been of the "502" batch? Or mere coinidence.

Well, if this next one *is* pretty flawed, again, I'm going to make specific SN requests, I think!

The pink I can handle more than the green. But it's not just the colors but the fact that the font presentation is altered in those areas such that it is more blurred or crisper accordingly, and then some words appear further back in distance from the screen as if you're reading *through* the screen instead of reading the screen directly, as which paper.

I am amazed when I go back to KKeyboard at how much clearer it is than the PWs I've experienced. I will say, though, now having used the PW, I prefer the resolution and the extra font options, especially Palatino, though both that font and Baskerville are almost too thin for the device. Comparitively, though, I can't go back to Caecilia...

I guess it's good to know now that I shouldn't seek perfection, unfortunately...

Lo! A knock! The new PW is here, in real-time!
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