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Okay. Here's a picture of my SNs. I have nothing to lose, really, by posting it.

To clarify: The 3rd is the one I'm using, and is of the "best" quality so far (i.e. it is BRIGHTER, anyway, but still discolored throughout) it has the greatest SN number of the 4 listed.

The 1st and 4th (the "2nd" and "3rd," also to clarify, are other non-PW Kindles) are dimmer and also discolored and have very similar SNs.

The 5th is coming in the mail tomorrow. Despite the fact that I've not yet received it, I have access to its SN at the "Manage My Devices" page. So get this, the 5th looks like it was the unit manufactured directly prior to the 4th, the one I sent back yesterday? I would imagine that the closeness in SN would at least indicate it is of the same batch as the flawed 4th. Sigh. We will see!

Now, can anyone help me, please? I know I'm a relative newcomer here, but I've been lurking for a while. I know some of you have *finally* received "good" PWs. What does that mean for you? No discoloration whatsoever? Xendula, you seem similarly sensitive to the problem but have found a good one as I'd seen you'd mentioned in another post. To what extent is it closer to perfect? Could you say if your SN is at least a greater number than any of the ones in the picture?

Sigh. I'm getting tired of working for this!

p.s. Nice to meet you all?
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