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Originally Posted by NACarter View Post
Hi Clayton,

Here is my MyClippings file from a Kindle 4 No Touch. Would you be able/prepared to produce an import pattern for it? I would appreciate it!

Many thanks.

Thanks for the file! It included a lot of edge cases I hadn't handled yet.

The short answer is that I have it working. You can download the new 0.6 from my site and it will include a code fix plus the new pattern. If you find any additional issues, please let me know!

The long answer is:
  • Your location ranges were being displayed as 1039-40 instead of 1039-1040. I adjusted the logic to support ranges coded this way.
  • The package being used to handle date & time doesn't support the "GMT+1:00" coding.
  • I got it working by excluding this part of the time/date from the date matching algorithm. I believe the software will use your local time anyway so this won't be a big deal.
  • The package being used to handle date & time is supposed to support a 2 digit year (like your file). It is not working properly.
  • I created a workaround that calls python's built in method which supports a 2 digit year without issue.
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