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Duplicated Shelves


just got the firmware update for my Glo (2.3.1) and noticed this issue:
After using calibre (copyied some books onto the reader, acrivated series support in the kobo module, ...) I realized that some shelves on the Glo have been duplicated. For example, I have two shelves named "Thriller" and in both of them is the same book inside. I'm not able to delete one of the shelves. After removing all of the books inside of them, calibre deletes the shelf. After re-adding the books, most of the shelves are ok, but in one case, a shelf has been duplicated again.

I'm not sure if this has something to do with the new firmware and/or the activated series support of the kobo module, but this is the first time I noticed the problem.

Can someone confirm this? Or have a solution?

Thanks and best regards

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