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Originally Posted by theducks View Post
Never seen that before (not that unusual )

It is almost like a 'null' (ASCII 00) got converted weird. what is also weird is there was a 'null' to convert

I don't use Caliber's (conversion) search and replace so someone else will need to help, because I only use sigil's to fix content issues.

If the stylesheet (.normal-with-overrides1) has the proper indent: text-indent: <value>;
removing quote 00 quote should be trivial (as fixing the stylesheet. UNLESS: normal-with-overrides1 is not supposed to be indented in other places.
Then, we need to replace
<p class= "normal-with-overrides1">
with a new class
<p class= "normal-with-overrides1x">
, and create that new selector in the stylesheet.

Oh, I can definitely switch to Sigil if that's easier, I've used that program before. Let's see...

Yep, much easier than Calibre! It looks like this

<p class="normal-with-overrides1">00<span class="normal">The pacing queen directed ministers and physicians to the crib. They listened to her breathing and her hummingbird heart, felt her fierce grip and her tiny fingers soft as salamander skin. All was sound. But her eyes did not open.</span></p>

So what you're saying is I should do a search-and-replace function on the 00s, just get rid of them?
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