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Originally Posted by noctifer View Post
@pepe: when i do this, it says "invalid TTS data!". i guess i broke something along the way..
And that was it, when it comes to ArtaTech and the wonderful IVONA TTS.

Now, more seriously ... to the best of my knowledge ... the new ArtaTech firmware requires a NEW version of TTS 4. The only language / voice, that I have found, is the "Polish / Agnieszka". You need to unzip the provided file into the "Internal Storage" (i.e. the "boox" or "/media/flash" subdirectory) -> it will create a ".tts" subdirectory with all required files inside (afterwards, "reboot" / "power cycle" your device).

In another thread, somebody was claiming that ArtaTech devices should have come with "English Amy + one more licence that corresponds with the country of order or from preference of user (German, French, Spanish, Italian or Polish)". My device has not and I have found no place where I could download them (if you find any, please let me know -> I assume, everything one needs is the "proper" contents of the ".tts" subdirectory in the "Internal Storage" -> the IVONA certificate is kept in "/usr/share/tts/" and one does not need to modify it, I believe).

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