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Hi Hitch,

No problem, I finally started a book I've been thinking about for a long time. So I've been busy too.

That did occur to me, about my friend's book, that he (or Word) just left out the ncx. The reason I'm so upset about this whole business is, that until just the other day I had never been able to scroll the Go to menu on my Touch. So getting back to a toc would be impossible. Then I ran across a post on the KDP forum that said you can't drag the thumb like you would in an ordinary application. It requires "little swipes" is how she described it. I gave it a shot and actually got it to move about 3 or 4 times out of a couple dozen swipes.

I've never been impressed with the touch interface on the Toiuch. It's balky as hell. Let a fly land on the screen and it'll react, but then ignore my thumb. Would you know if the Paperwhite is any better?

I've thought about for my next book, putting the usual things in the Guide, put everything in the ncx, and putting a link to my table of contents on the beginning page. Or, going against convention and making the preface the beginning and putting the link in the first paragraph, in which I explain why I'm putting it there. People who buy the book really need to read the preface, so starting them off there might not be such a bad idea.

It'll be a while before I have to decide, maybe something else will change in the meantime.

Thanks for taking the time Hitch, it's appreciated.

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