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M92: "busy" indicator (a proposal)

while using the device, I noticed that, in many situations, the device needs a significant amount of time to perform "requested" actions.
The problem is that, usually, the user is not "informed" in any way that the device is doing something (I "click" something and then I do not know if my "request" was accepted and the device is "processing" it or not).

So, I'd like to propose the following.

Each time the device "reads" (or "writes") something from (to) any file, either from the "Internal Storage" or from the "SD Card" or from any "system directories" (e.g. when it loads and starts an additional utility and/or library), the "blue LED", which resides right below the "joystick", should light up / blink.
This would serve as a general purpose "disk used" indicator (and then the user immediately sees that there's something happening).

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