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Originally Posted by bartveld View Post
Delving deeper (and getting OT) I found some complaints about not being able to make collections like on the Kindle. But you can make different shelves, can't you, and assign books to them? Which seems to be the same principle as a Kindle collection.
Yes, you can create shelves, e.g. genres or whatever, and put there your books into. Works good, especially together with Calibre.

Originally Posted by bartveld View Post
Also, I found complaints about a reader not being able to read a truly huge amount of books from the sd card. Is that a known issue?
I'm not sure about that. I have not so much books but with my 250 or so, there is no problem at all. Please note that Kobo is releasing new firmware versions from time to time, and things have improved enormously (and often you get also new bugs, for free ).
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