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Originally Posted by Hitch View Post

I don't know which person replied to you on the KDP forums, but I'd have to know which before I'd know whether the info you received is valid. The one thing that's not clear to me, from your thread, is which Table of Contents is linked via your Guide? Did you try to link the ncx as your Guide TOC, or are you using an HTML TOC?

BTW, yes, an ncx will work on Kindle For PC, but it's about the only place it will. No early e-ink Kindle will display an ncx, and neither will most of the later models, even the first-gen Fire. Do you have an html toc that you linked via the Guide?

First, man2010 said, "One of the recent firmware updates of Touch replaced the "Table of Contents" link in the "Go to" menu with the entire contents of the NCX (logical table of contents). This same thing is true of the Kindle Paperwhite by design. This means that you need to code the link to your table of contents in the NCX file, if you want it to show up in the "Go to" menu of the Touch and Paperwhite."

The Guide points to toc.html. Kindle for PC was showing the toc on the Go to menu before I put it in the ncx. My Touch is still not showing Cover on Go to, which is why I realized it was showing the ncx. As is usual with these outfits the guidelines are updated last, if ever. The Previewer is still showing the Guide items on the Go to, not the ncx.
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