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Originally Posted by DoctorOhh View Post
Zip(html) to epub is a mainstay of calibre and has been working great for years.
Yes. The resulting epub works fine in ebook-reader, and FbReader on a PC. Today I've opened the ePub in FbReader and Aldiko on an Android tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0). It opened in both places, but worked better in FbReader than in Aldiko.

I've also tried it in iBooks on an iPad, and it worked very well there. Better than in the android readers. By "better" I mean that there are fewer empty or almost-empty pages, and just flicking through the pages made more sense (I don't understand why this should be different across readers, but I've seen the same effect before).

But it fails on my PRS-T1.

I wonder if it will work in the previous generation of Sony readers...? I had a PRS-950, but it died the eInk-death that sometimes afflict the ebook readers.

Originally Posted by DoctorOhh View Post
One way to get converted ePubs to crash is to increase the default Split files larger than: 260K setting under Preferences - Output options - Epub output. Your epub though doesn't seem to have any large html chunks so this is not your problem.
Right. I remember reading something about that. But as you said, the individual HTML pages here are quite small.

Thanks for your help, so far.
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