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Originally Posted by DoctorOhh View Post
Since there is no calibre question here. This may be better served in the Epub or Sigil forums.
Let me clarify: epubs produced by calibre from zip files, are broken with respect to the Sony Reader. This goes for both the PRS T-1 and the PRS T-2 (they exhibit the same behaviour).

I have had little success with this conversion (zip->epub), and have other example documents with the same issue. I just tried to limit the question to one particular file to help pinpoint the issue.

Or to be even clearer: this is probably a calibre bug, but I would like to figure out more about what's actually wrong with the produced epub file, before reporting it.

I have one successful conversion, but that's copyrighted (the 6 sample chapters of "Captain Vorpatril's Alliance" by Lois McMaster Bujold). I can't remember if I did an HTML to epub conversion or a zip to epub conversion (is it possible to import a multi-file HTML document? I will check when I get home). Also this was a document without images, and no hyperlinks outside of the document navigation.
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