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I must buy one tomorrow !!

For the past two years I've been using Kindle Keyboard and to say the truth I was happy with it until the day came when the screen froze up. I called amazon but my 1 year warranty was up. Because of the care I had taken to keep the device in the best possible state I felt amazon has robbed me. However . . .
Now I want to buy another ebook reader. To tell the truth I am not a fan of reading in dark places so I still want to buy an ereader without lights. I am also not a fan of touchscreens.
I was looking in youtube and found videos on Nook Simple touch. I saw also there were already ways to install android apps so that books in djvu, pdf can be read which is a priority. If I want to buy an ereader from amazon again it has to be the kindle keyboard and with some new hacks released by some guys on this board making the kindle read djvu and pdf I am kind of vacillating between the nook simple touch or the amazon kindle keyboard.

Please note that installing hacks in either device is ok for me as long as I can read books of any format.

So based on experience, will the nook after all the hacks be better for me than the kindle with the hacks.

Please respond.
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