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Question Nook Touch Jumping Back Pages?

This is a problem I have encountered several times on my Nook Touch. I'll be reading along just fine, and suddenly, usually at the end of a chapter, I turn the page, only to have it go BACK several chapters. In the book I'm currently reading, I'll be on page 144, end of a chapter, hit the page forward button, only to end up on page 92. So I hit "go to page 144" and the same thing happens, over and over.

I have tried powering the Nook all the way off. I have tried removing the book from the SD card and putting it back on. Neither have worked. I finally had to page up to 150 (because 145 and 146 didn't work) and then page back to get to where I needed to be.

This is about the fourth book I have noticed this happen with, usually books I've downloaded with the fanfiction downloader, but it has happened at least once with a regular bought book as well. It happens several times per book, and always takes me back several chapters.

Does anyone have any advice or help for me? Thanks!
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